How to think of football steps


How to think of football steps Unlimited play 24 hours

How to think of football steps

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Playing black wood, red wood Or red fish, red fish Or scarlet
Play tools made of wood, wood, metal or plastic shaped into a play tool. If using any device, it will play as the name of the image

By having black, red, and white

How to play The player arranges to play (the dealer) take 3 sticks (or something else) to lure and then rely on the speed to swipe the wood into the box for the customer to stab the dealer. There will be no white out. The white body is just a lure. If the dealer accidentally turns off the white, the dealer loses 1 or more, unless otherwise agreed. The bookmakers incorrectly eat 1 time.

Lying down

The equipment used to play ball gourd looks like a dice but bigger than all 6 sides of the ball. There will be images 1 calabash 2 crab 3 fish 4 shrimp 5 tiger and 6 chicken on each side. Plate and cover for putting-off the gourd and the cloth panel or Pictures for placing gambling products

How to play The organizer has to play (the dealer) will put the gourd into a plate, remove the cover. May open the lid to see the calabash balls as a temptation. When the lid is closed, the dealer will shake according to the right and the player stabs the wrong bet.

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